Executives may be poised, calm, and successful, often appearing to have everything clearly under control. They have reached a high level of success in their jobs and they are easy to spot in a crowd.

While many executives may fit this description, there are others who have deep secrets lurking behind their confident exteriors. They may have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, or they may be quietly struggling with mental health issues.

Drug addiction remains one of the most prominent social problems in the Canadian society. Dealing with a drug addiction or a mental illness can be difficult to face alone, because executives are under pressure to perform and continue working, they might resist admitting they have a problem or entering a treatment program.

People who develop addictions or mental illnesses come from all socioeconomic classes. The best treatment programs for drug abuse are tailored to the needs of the individual person.

Each executive is different and may need different forms of therapy, medication, and supervision to effectively treat their substance use disorder.


While executive services in Canada may vary dramatically, a few basic concepts are central to many of these programs. For example, most executive drug rehab programs in Canada have the following characteristics:

  • Private, secure locations: The location keeps them from being spotted as they enter the program, and the client list is never shared.
  • Beautiful and comfortable surroundings. People who work at the executive level are accustomed to enjoying the finer things in life. Providing them a place that is relaxing, clean and lovely to live in at may encourage them to stay and complete treatment.

There are some aspects of treatment programs that are similar across the board, no matter where a person chooses to seek treatment.

For example, if an individual has issues with drugs or alcohol, the executive program they enter is likely to use behavioral therapies to treat their substance use disorder. Addiction treatment professionals may work with the individual using any of the approaches below:

  • One-on-one counseling sessions that address their willingness to change.
  • Group counseling sessions in which many people share their ideas.
  • Incentive programs in which a person is rewarded for meeting treatment milestones.
  • Aftercare services or planning for such services are offered to help an individual transition back into their “normal” routine.

Amongst the prominent Drug Rehabilitation centres for executives in Canada includes: Camino Recovery, Sunshine Coast Health Centre, Orchard Recovery, Valiant Recovery, Ledgehill.


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