Opiate Treatment Offered In Ontario

Ontario, also known as the largest province in Canada, struggles with opiate and opioid addiction. In turn, with something that poses as so problematic, certain action must be taken in the life of the addict, so that he/she may regain his/her life back. This is where opiate treatment comes into play as a number of individuals experience difficulty when trying to refrain from using the drug on their own-with little aid, assistance, and/or help. It’s through opiate treatment that addicts are able to find the right therapy and/or rehab for them. 

Although opiates can be prescription based, they can also be taken recreationally, starting out as a prescription, before transitioning into an addiction. Fortunately, no one has to face opiate addiction alone, and can instead receive medical support in relieving their bodies of the substance. One particular way that this can be done is through opiate replacement therapy which is “a treatment option that seeks to displace dangerous drugs like heroin with legal and less euphoric, longer-acting opioids that decrease possible criminal behavior and the potential health risks associated with illicit drug abuse.”

Another form of therapy comes through counseling which is “professional advice and support that helps people solve problems, make decisions, and change their behaviors.” The third form of therapy comes through the gradual discontinuation of the opiates-and/or detoxification. However, this may involve painful withdrawal symptoms and other drugs may be used to lessen moderate and severe pain that the addict is faced with-such as methadone. This can also fall closely under the gradual discontinuation of the opiates because less powerful/addictive days are being implemented to alleviate certain discomfort that comes when toxins are being released from the body (after the individual has stopped taking the substance).”

In conclusion, it’s possible for one to revert back to a healthy lifestyle, even if each step isn’t achieved automatically, and/or taken with ease. Not only that, but there are countless options to fit the needs of the particular person-such as; long term rehab, short term rehab, private treatments, residential rehabs, inpatient and outpatient rehab along with countless others. It’s through all of these available treatments in Ontario that one can make a choice in what suits him/her and benefits him/her the best so that he/she can live drug free, healthy, and no longer dependent on opiates. 

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