Anybody who has recovered from addiction would attest to the fact that, it is not an easy journey. It is also an individualized process which makes it very difficult to define “addiction recovery”, because what applies to one, might not to another.

However, there are conventional stages of addiction recovery which all addicts are expected to pass through, and they should not be mistaken with the stages of rehabilitation.

The first stage of addiction recovery is Early Awareness and Acceptance. During this stage, the addiction problem is identified in the individual, and the person is expected to come to terms with the fact that, he or she has an addiction problem, and is willing to seek help.

This phase is usually difficult for a good number of addicts, as they would not readily want to own up to this reality.

However, when they have people around them, who would be willing to provide the necessary support, it could make it easier for them to seek addiction recovery.

The second stage is the Determination stage. This phase showcases the individual taking physical steps to ensuring he or she quits the addiction.

The individual might need to quit his or her environment, stick to a particular diet, or be enrolled into a rehabilitation program. This stage is known as the foundational stage for long-term sobriety.

During this stage also, the individual would undergo detoxification, which would help him or her combat the symptoms which come with withdrawal. It is a safe stage because the individual would be monitored by a health specialist in a standard medical environment.

The next stage is the rehabilitation stage, and it involves the individuals taking a deeper look into the cause of their addiction, and knowing the necessary triggers, so that they can have better lives ahead without needing to relapse again. It involves Individual Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy and Family Therapy.

Conclusively, the last stage is the maintenance stage. Once the individuals have rounded off their rehabilitation program, they would need to undergo some programs which will make them prepared for the outside world, and also for aftercare.


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