A good number of common mental and physical changes are due to take place when a person abuses drug or alcohol.

When this happens repeatedly, these changes can turn into an emotional and physical need, which would require the person to continue the act of taking the substance. This could appear in the form of addiction or physical dependency.

Addiction is a condition whereby the person finds pleasure in using the substance, and when it is not available, there is this pain which the individual feels. This is as a result of the reward system in the brain which gets satisfied when the substance is taken finally.

One common treatment process in addiction recovery which is essential for addicts, is detoxification. This is a process whereby the symptoms attached to withdrawal are controlled and handled in a harmless manner.

During the detoxification process, the addicted person is given a good distance away from the substance. The withdrawal symptoms during this period might be very intense, and individuals would need to successfully go through this phase with profound medical assistance and supervision.

There are some drugs which are very risky to quit by oneself, and sometimes, quitting the use of drug suddenly could result in an adverse shock to the body. Any individual who has an addiction is advised to see a doctor who will proffer solutions on how to get rid of the substance in a controlled and balanced way.

Detoxification is necessary in the treatment of addiction and overcoming physical dependency. People who are afraid to take the detoxification step, are robbing themselves of the opportunity of having a life of freedom from the addictive substance.

Once detoxification is done in a medically supervised facility, it could mean faster recovery, and a fruitful life of sobriety.

After detoxification, there is always a tendency for relapse to occur, and to prevent this, there is a need for a firm mental restructuring process in order to effectively imbibe convictions which are against addiction recovery.

The detoxification process in addiction recovery is essential, and it is advised that addicted individuals do not skip this phase.

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