Addiction is a disease which can occur promptly or develop after using a particular substance for a long time, or indulging in a particular act.

Anyone can get addicted, as no one is completely immune to it. However, when it comes to addiction treatment, there is no specific treatment plan for two people, as there are varying degrees of factors which are employed in treating addicts.

The step to addiction recovery is a tough one, and the first factor which must be considered, is ensuring that the addict is ready to be free from addiction.

Some addicts are not ready to come to terms with the fact that they are addicted, and they need help. This phase is acknowledged by the transitioning of awareness to full acknowledgment that there is a need for help.

Another essential step after the acknowledgment phase, is consideration. Here, the addicts are willing to go for their first phase of treatment, and it is usually with a counselor. He would learn more about his addiction problem, the triggers and effects.

He would also be required to open up fully to the counselor so that a personalized addiction treatment plan can be structured for him.

The addict receives full education about the concept of addiction, and how the brain plays an important role. They meet with people who have recovered, and they learn from their past experiences.

This phase is the exploring recovery phase, and this is the stage where the individual makes the decision to commence the addiction treatment program.

It is important to note that early recovery is significant and also a period of big risk. In addiction recovery, there should also be plans for an aftercare program, in order to prevent the recovering addict from relapse.

Relapse is a period in addiction treatment which should not be ignored, as it has the capacity to make a recovering addict to go back to his former ways.

Recovery does not just mean overcoming the will to take a particular substance or undergo an act, it is an overall transformation of the spirit, mind and body.

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